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Match result

Reserves Rumble, Reserves Rumble
Team badge
Angry Birds

gate: 10 000
3 TD score 0
cas score
Chaos logo
no custom badge
Old Toastwood Facehuggers


profile Daya dead
profile Sanny
profile Alouette
TD Scorers
Foulers (no cas)
Badly Hurt'ers
Old Apone

profile Zipporah
Serious Injurers
Old Dallas

profile Jena
profile Alouette
Completions By
Interceptions By

profile Deryn
MVP awards to
Old Dallas
  Sustained Injuries  

profile Deryn
-1 AV
-1 ST
Loki retired
Result added August 30th, 2011

Match notes
The game between the equally unknown Angry Birds and the Toastwood Facehuggers were apparently seen as a good Sunday pastime for the local masses eager for blood after the cancellation of the previous Sundays evening mass. The audience numbered ten thousand strong, and by its nature the Toastwood team was slightly preferred due to expectations that they should be more able to cause the violence and mayhem the audience wanted.

To increase the opportunity for said mayhem, the audience started by killing the Referee just as he whistled for the kickoff, which by Toastwood decision was made by the Birds. Once the ball came down, the chaos warriors and mutants started with the bashing, but did not forget to look back and make sure the ball came along.

When they looked forward again, the elves were arrayed in a rather traditional echelon defense, which took more than half of the first half to break into (and cost the mutants the ball once, but they managed to take it back.) Finally Old Frost broke free and rushed for the endzone, only to be smashed into the ground before he had reached half the way, the ball temporarily ending up in the hands of Bird runner Alouette. A quick attempt to make a last second score for the Facehuggers ended up with the blitzing beastman grabbing the ball but not having enough oomph to reach the endzone before being smashed down again, Jena snatching the ball away from under the gaze of a guarding warrior, running halfway upfield and passing the ball to Daya who ran it in just as the newly assigned referee arrived to blow the ending whistle.

This act upset the chaotic fans, who immediately set out to kill the second referee as a goat of Toastwood kicked the ball dead center to the Birds. The Birds swiftly pushed up the left side, got stalled and nearly surfed, lost the ball, took it back and managed to run up the center, lost it again, managed to blitz it free and finally Sanny could pick up the momentarily unguarded ball and take it in for 2-0.

Seeing that the violence on the pitch was still not to their liking, the fans started pelting the teams with rocks, one of which beaned Zipporah and made her loose that drive. After some initial blocks, the Facehuggers lost the ball just as they were to pick it up, and a third of the birds started running into the Facehuggers half. (Another third was vaguely trying to stall two thirds of the Facehugger team, and the last third of the Birds were taking naps of different lengths.)

The Facehuggers did a show of stopping the Birds, and then (with so little time left) decided that what worked for the elves in the first half might work for them, and ran down to make a handoff which might have been followed by a run to pass and a run to score (and some time left to make up for failures at that.) Only the ballcarrier stumbled just as he was about to deliver the ball, and lost it instead in a place where a Bird blitzer could easily pick it up, and swiftly beat down the counterblitz before running over to handoff the ball to Alouette for the last score of the match.

Upset about this the crowds pelted the dark elves with rocks once more, but it seemed as if even their vaunted bloodlust had lost some, and no elves needed to be carried off pitch, and the game soon ended without further incident.

As a summary, the last three games of the Reserves Rumble - Lead Feathers - Reptile Dysfunction (Reserves Rumble, Reserves Rumble), Black Mambo - Dia de los muertos (Reserves Rumble, Reserves Rumble) and this one clearly shows the superiority of Dark Elves who won all three games. And since the Angry Birds won with the best TD difference and were the only team where nobody died, clearly they must be the most superior Dark Elf team. :D

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Open Champion
7evens Champion

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