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Nov. 3rd, 2010
Killer bunnies.
After the bunnies won over Quantum Pussycats we are having a six point gap to the third place in division one. It looks like the bunnies will make it to the play-offs this season aswell.
Hopefully the bunnies will go with the winning streak to the play-offs. The coach likes what he sees. Putte has confidence in the team going against SPAM!. And he says "Get ready for a war but we will be victorios."

The crews newest recruit Zlugbar. Hopefully he makes more stuff on the pitch than his older brother Zugbar.
- Putte
June 11th, 2010
1-0 Against the dragons
Fluffy White Bunnies - Celestial Dragons (Season 2, round 2) It was a hell of a bashing on each other but leaving the orcs in the end with just 9/12 players left in the game. One was injuried by the saurus Amalthea (12) . But in the end the orcs held their fists high untill the last turn and tried doing everything to stop the dragons from doing 1-1, and in the end, we did it. Hell of a good work from the blitzers and Ltuk of the Fluffy White Bunnies. And the coach want to send out a special thanks to Phobos (19).
- Putte
May 17th, 2010
The Fluffy White Bunnies head coach is angry with the last seasons results as FWB ended up on the 9th place. And they missed the quarter finals by one match, that was bad. The coach hopes for a better season! This time there will be blood, broken teeth and broken bones on the pitch! as Fluffy White Bunnies is running to their home stadium for a great season opening! so lets play bloodbowl!
- Putte
Fluffy White Bunnies
Race:  Orc
Coach:  Putte

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