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We Eat U

Race:  Ogre
Coach:  Viking
This Ogre team was built on the dreams of the ogre brothers Ironbelly,were Khrishnak had a vision at The Great Maw,they will be the most famous ogre blood bowl team out there.

We Eat U team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
May 5th, 2016 - old news
- Viking
July 14th, 2015 - old news
Round 5 Vs Chaos Strikes Back
-"How does my hair looks like and the make up"wonder the elf

-"It looks fine noble Galthirion,look Max is coming" says Assistant

-"Ahh good,then on 3...2...1....Welcome sports fans to another interview for Beauty Bowl and me Galthirion reporter from Ulthuan and noble elf,this time we will talk with famous ogre Max Ernst"Says Galthirion to the camera

-"Ohh hello,ohh hello" says Galthirion and runs after Max with skipping steps

-"Ohh might i talk to you you big brute you"says Galthirion and claps Max on the shoulder

-"WHAT do you want"says Max

-"Ohh dear youre a tall one isnt you,might a get something to stand on,hurry Klirthion,just wait Max,its hard to find good help this days isnt it"says Galthirion and waits for the assistant to bring him a chair

After a little while Galthirion stand on a chair and is a little bit taller then Max Ernst

-"Ahh now its more proper,we are tall we noble elfs you know,but congrats to the win against Chaos Strikes Back"says Galthirion

-"Thanks you silly man" says Max

-"Ohh dear im an elf not a human,hahaha,shape up you big grunt"says Galthirion laughing and slaps Max over the chin

-"Sir maybe we should be done quick here"says Klithion the assistant

-"Next round you go up against the finest team ever made in Stockbowl,The Drones Club,well i know your team is honored to get beaten by such a fine team,but can you tell me what is your secret this season,if you wanna tell"wonder Galthirion

-"I can tell you,its no secret,all the other seasons we have a huge feast before playing,and we have done well,but this season we come up with this brilliant plan to eat what we are meeting,so before we played the dwarfs we ate dwarfs,before the Chaos Strikes Back,we feasted on goats,you get the picture"says Max

-"Ohh hahaha what a disgusting ritual you have,no wonder you have such low intelligence,but thank you for the lovely interview and good luck even though you will loose against our High Elf team"says Galthirion

-"And cut,now get me out of this mud"Says Galthirion

-"Hey fancy pants,you wanna see our real secret inside,but i can only show it for real High Elfs"says Max and looking to the elf team

-"Ha we are all real High Elfs and proud of it,i myself comes in direct line of a very fine and high noble family,and we will look at your secret and see what it is"says Galthirion and forces his entire team to follow him in

-"Do you need the closest team or do you want my whole entourage to follow you in"wonder Galthirion

-"But of course dear elf all of you are welcome to see the secret"says Max and opens the door and start letting everybody in

Galthirion is last and when he enters

-"Umm excuse me barbarian,if you are to play against high elfs next battle and you say you always feast on the race you are meeting before....."Galthirions eyes Max and starts to come to full insight

BOOOOOMM the door closes
- Viking
May 26th, 2015 - old news
Round 1 Vs Darkland Slavehunters
-"Hi im reporting live from the Ogre compund for the after talk with the We Eat U ogre team in Stockbowl,haha funny name for a team"says the reporter

-"Glad the name inspires you"says Max

-"So what can you tell me about the game,i mean you did meet a former Champion and the strongest team in the league"asks reporter

-"Hmmm first of all we are the strongest and meanest team in the league,but sure we did have some good dinner before this game and we had trained alot for it"Says Max grumpy

-"So walk me through it please"the reporter pushes

-"Well we had talked it over and we know the stocky dorfs dont have a good reach so for sports sake we told our snotlings to take the field and get on the line of scrimmage,so the dorfs could hit something.The plan worked beutiful the chaos dorfs took the bait and smashed them around.So after the Dorfs had their fun we though it was enough and we told the snotlings to pass the ball,and of course they did and broke free,and Cork could not get stopped and scored,all according to the master plan,in second half i myself took the lead and showed the team how it is done,i even let the bull centaur hit me a couple of time for fun,and then i scored the winning touchdown,but the secret behind it all we did let Pêlle Painseeker and Floki Frightseer from Blessed By Hashut to come over and hit us with some bronze claws we made and we let them hit us in the belly so we could stand against the claws of Darkland,easy peazy"says Max now happier

-"Ohh but you know the claws the darkland use is chaos made and hard as steel and magic not bronze"says reporter

Max stares saying nothing

-"Well look at the time i must be going"reporter turns

Reporter never sees when max take out the clever and go to work
- Viking
Mar. 18th, 2015 - old news
Mourning in the We Eat U camp
After a freak accident with the modified Snotling Doom Diver Kablam was working on,the joints in the machine failed and Kablam crashed hard into a mountain,the Snotling shaman could not help him after he crushed all his bones in the fall.

-"He will be missed,he was a fun fellow and always up for a prank"Did Bonkers had to say about his former teammate

-"Im looking forward to the bbq tonight were we will east on Kablam as is tradition,i also belive after his dabbling in the arts of explosives and powder he will taste very spicy,yummy"Max Ernst tells happily

Even Rangel from House Wittgenstein
And Itzadodyl from Lustria Star Kickers
attended the funeral under contract not to be touched by any ogre
- Viking
Tournaments played:
Season 11, Squig Bowl 11, Season 12, Squig Bowl 12, Season 13, Squig Bowl 13, Season 14, SquigBowl 14, Season 15, SquigBowl 15, Season 16, Season 17, Open Season 6
Trophies won:
Jumbo Prize: Season 13
Collector cards: Season 11
Nice Warpstone Award: Season 13
Werobb & Ernst Award: Season 14
Best of the Worst: Season 16






Current Champion
Open Champion
7evens Champion

Latest matches:
Season 32, round 2
  1    Waldenhof Wanderers
  0    Årsta bad brainz
Open 32 (19), b2
  2    Exploding Kittens
  1    Diamond Way Rambl...
Season 32, round 2
  1    A-laget
  3    Walter Tech Tips
Season 32, round 2
  3    Landori Hawks
  2    Anlec Talons
Open 32 (19), S1
  2    Black Witches’ Bu...
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Season 32, round 2
  3    Hexhoatlan Hoplites
  3    Averland Avengers
Season 32, round 2
  1    Ghrond eye-gougers
  1    Lean, Mean Fright...
Open 32 (19), B2
  1    Kvarnholmen Kings
  2    Exploding Kittens
Season 32, round 2
  2    Singing in the snow
  1    UndeadZone
Season 32, round 2
  2    Magyar Marauders
  2    Darkwood Devils
Season 32, round 2
  1    Chelosu Fangs
  2    Juiblex Quakers
Season 32, round 2
  1    Palmeutredningen
  1    Frazzleflesh Fumb...
Season 32, round 2
  2    Elaka Rangel
  2    El Diablos
Season 32, round 1
  1    Singing in the snow
  3    Anlec Talons
Season 32, round 1
  4    Walter Tech Tips
  1    Årsta bad brainz
Open 32 (19), S1
  0    Kvarnholmen Kings
  3    Baylake Arrow Ears
Season 32, round 1
  2    UndeadZone
  1    Darkwood Devils
Season 32, round 1
  2    A-laget
  1    Hexhoatlan Hoplites
Season 32, round 1
  2    Magyar Marauders
  1    Landori Hawks
Open 32 (19), s1
  1    Exploding Kittens
  1    Diamond Way Rambl...
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